Promoting your business through the arts
Promoting the arts along with your business


Brownhill is a Singapore-based consultancy that organises cultural events for a wide range of clients. We help create and improve your company's image through carefully curated art happenings. Our highly acclaimed events can attract a wider audience to your organization.

At Brownhill, we believe that the arts are the most genuine and heartfelt form of communication. By partnering with our clients to create fine art happenings, we help break barriers and create a better world.

Our Story

Brownhill Consultancy was founded with the conviction that the arts provide the most valuable means of communication across barriers and cultures. Artists create a better world by fostering awareness, empathy and understanding among people.

Brownhill Consultancy does not discriminate against with regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, martial status, disability or nation of origin. We welcome artists of all walks of life to share their vision and passion with the world.

Jacques Merkt    Founder

Jacques Merkt


Jacques Merkt is the founder of Brownhill Consultancy. A member of the Swiss Bar Association, he has practiced business and finance law since 1977. An avid cello player and an art collector, he founded Brownhill Consultancy to promote arts in the world of business while fostering cultural exchange between Asia and Europe. 

He resides in Singapore and travels widely around the world.


Serine de Labaume    Artistic Director

Serine de Labaume
Artistic Director


Serine de Labaume is a classically trained singer with bachelor's and master's degrees in art from New York University. Using her unique background in music and visual art, she serves Brownhill Consultancy's artistic director.

Since joining Brownhill Consultancy, she has leveraged her international network of fellow artists to create cultural happenings in Asia.