Events We Have Curated & Organised


FreshAir Fine Arts Festival

Fresh Air Fine Arts Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival that makes today's arts accessible to everyone.

 A contemporary art exhibition showcasing International and Singaporean artists' recent works, engaging gallery talks and evening concerts by world-class musicians of various discipline.

Our motto is simple: 
The arts for everyone.


Wo Men Women

How does a woman’s identity today differ from yesterday’s?

Women artists of widely different backgrounds and disciplines will be featured and share their ideas on identity and existence. Various artists’ ruminations on their very existence in society reflect the aim of our month-long arts event, “Wo Men Women.” 

“Wo Men Women” does not pretend one straightforward statement can be drawn on women’s identity today by presenting female artists’ works. Instead, we gathered these various inquiries, reflections and expressions by today’s women artists to invite the viewers to take “appreciating art” a little further and engage in dialogue with the messages that the artworks present.